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About Us | Silvestro's Ballroom Dance - Grand Rapids, MI

Silvestro's Ballroom Dance offers private ballroom dancing lessons, including tango lessons and salsa lessons, in our Grand Rapids, MI dance studio. Ballroom dance includes a wide variety of styles, though our tango lessons and salsa lessons are some of the more popular class choices. We also offer fun swing dance lessons for partners and groups.

Ballroom dancing lessons at Silvestro's Ballroom Dance is a great way to try something new and get closer to your partner or friends. Our diverse schedule of ballroom dancing lessons includes classes in many styles for dancers of all skill levels. After a class with our professional instructors, you will leave amazed at how much you have learned!

We have earned our reputation as “Top Professional” with our experienced and friendly staff and highly professional class structure. Whether you are joining us for tango lessons, salsa lessons, or swing dance, you are sure to enjoy yourself and learn under the guidance of our professional dance instructors.

Join us at Silvestro's Ballroom Dance for ballroom dancing lessons perfect for any age, ability, and experience level! Ballroom is a wonderful dance style because it is easy to master the basics, but there is always room to learn more and challenge yourself. Whether you are a ballroom beginner or have been dancing with your partner for some time, there is a class at Silvestro's Ballroom Dance that you will love. Contact or visit us to learn more about our class offerings and schedule!

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